Paul Siwek AKA Cygnes

Hi there i’m paul, i have 4 kids, a wonderful caring wife, who i love with every fiber in my being.

I Love gaming, LANS and can usually be found on steam playing Truck Simulator 2, GTA V, or some other car related game, I love racing games, although i’m rubbish at them, i also run a small fairly used Teamspeak 3 server for Langeeks members.

I work as an ICT Technician at the Sir John Colfox Academy, and i’ve been there for almost 5 years, it’s a very varied role ranging from server/desktop maintenance, Active Directory, to changing a toner and pressing FN + F8 :O

i get roped into repairing laptop computers these days, i’m far from really geeky techy, i like where we are going with tech, and it should be an interesting future for our kids..

I also run a small Hosting “company” called Smart Host Dorset, i currently host about 8 sites, most are mine 🙁 i like messing around with WordPress as it’s simple enough at times for me to understand, and the possibilities are almost limitless with what you can do aesthetically and with features.

I’m sure i’ll think of something far more interesting to post soon, but for now this will have to do…


over and out !

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