Frequently asked questions about our LAN events.

Who are LANGEEKS ?

LANGEEKS is a family who love games, we like many of you have been brought up with computers around us when we were little ones, this has followed us through to the present day, LANGEEKS started Events back in 2009 after attending an event called "ShinyLAN", we ran events for about 4 years before we had to stop, for each LAN event we previously ran, we never made any profit and rarely covered the hall charges, in fact we made a considerable loss on each event, this partly led to the end of LANGEEKS in 2013. But we loved and missed the atmosphere of LAN gaming at our events, and after many regulars asking for years will we run events again, as you can see the answer is yes !

What is LAN Party ?

A LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games. The size of these networks may vary from the very small (two people) to very large installations of hundreds or more. Small parties can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation.

where does LANGEEKS host it's events ?

The Address of Frampton Village Hall is:

Frampton Village Hall
33-36 Dorchester Road
DT2 9NG.

Will we be offering you a free lovely Sunday Breakfast roll ?

In Short...... Yes !.

Ok Ok Enough ! what do I actually need to bring?

A Computer/Laptop, A Monitor/TV, 2/4 way Power Extension Lead, Food/Drink, Sleeping Bag/Blow up Bed/ something to sleep with.

What about my dirty plates, will a magical fairy clean up after me !

Yes, there is a fairy, its name is you.

No one, especially staff enjoy spending valuable time washing up you're dirty plates or cups ! all attendees are expected to clean up after themselves, you have use of an industrial dishwasher (it does not dry items) that cleans things in about 10 minutes, or you can use the washing up liquid and wash up by hand, it only takes around 5 minutes, so don't be lazy !

Anyone spotted leaving there dirty dishes and cups on the kitchen tops for others will find themselves on the main stage with everyone throwing keyboards at you ! so wash you're dirty dishes and cups. 

Thank You